July 21, 2015

Fresh Summer Beauty with Embryolisse

The weather is heating up in Paris, which means it’s time to lighten up on the heavy beauty products and break out something a little more breezy.

Just before heading off for vacation last month, I received a surprise package from one of my favorite French brands, Embryolisse. Inside, were two essential summer products that were exactly what I needed to refresh my beauty routine.

Embryolisse Lotion Micellaire and Eau de Beauté Rosamélis
Available in a new and convenient 100ml travel size (great for vacation!), Lotion Micellaire is a light floral scented makeup remover.  It works marvelously, and retails for an affordable 4,50€ per bottle.

Its perfect complement? Eau de Beauté Rosamélis, an equally fantastic smelling tonic lotion (13,30€/ 200ml). It can be delicately swept across your face to perfect cleaning and makeup removal, or chilled in the fridge and spritzed on throughout the day for a glamorous and invigorating boost.

Interested in discovering Embryolisse's full product line? You can check it out here!

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