March 2, 2015

An American Entrepreneur in Paris: Andrew Lyons (Part 2)

In part 2 of my interview with American expat and entrepreneur Andrew Lyons, we get an inside look at his Paris-based venture, Cyclo-Café.

Cyclo-Café logo and photo montage

What is Cyclo-Café?
Cyclo-Café is the abstract product of my life’s jumbled adventures. It is my ‘labor of love’ for the beautiful city of Paris. It is also my vision, my hope, for what Paris becomes in the near future: a happier, more energetic, friendly and smiling place in which we share.  

Cyclo-Café is the newest, most innovative, most fun and 100% ecological way to experience Paris. It is best positioned for the local community, French or expats, of all ages and importantly including and welcoming persons with disabilities. It’s a great way to experience positive, community togetherness, in the world’s most beautiful, historic city…Paris!

On Cyclo-Café you will be amongst the authentic sights, sounds and tastes of French culture. Aboard, you will not ‘visit’ Paris, rather, we will ‘live’ Paris together.

What is the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur in France? The most rewarding?
By far, the most difficult part of becoming an entrepreneur in Paris is navigating the administration. This problem is compounded as a foreigner. Although I did succeed in attaining my French citizenship in 2012 (which I am very proud of), it takes a lifetime of learning to efficiently and effectively create and achieve your career goals in Paris.

Even those born in bred in France proclaim their trials and tribulations with administration. Maybe after 100 years you will master the ‘tricks of the trade’ here!

The most rewarding, has been to see Cyclo-Café on the ground in Paris. The perplexed, curious and smiling faces of young and old alike have affirmed that we have truly brought something special to Paris.

How did you succeed in bringing Cyclo-Café to Paris?
The key to bringing Cyclo-Café to Paris was surrounding myself with energetic, creative and talented people. Without a great team, anyone is susceptible to being overwhelmed.

My fellow American, successful international entrepreneur and trusted Cyclo confidant, Dan Lavelle, has been instrumental in laying out the detailed ground work and forward thinking strategy. Dan, through his business Eyes On Email created the perfect website and manages crucial social media, imperative to any small business. Both Dan and I have a few ‘screws loose’, so it has made for a great match.

And how to bring the ‘French touch’ to a business in Paris? Cyclo-Café is not about America. As such we required the design, communication and public relation skills that only Johanne Goll could bring. Johanne, a native from Toulouse has integrated the right marketing and promotional mix to make Cyclo-Café a Parisian staple.

I am also proud to admit that my mother was the artistic genius behind our trademark logo.

We are all working together to motivate each other and strive to improve Cyclo-Café’s offering and experience for everyone.

What's in store for Cyclo-Café in 2015?
Cyclo-Cafe, Paris first entered the imagination in 2012. After 2 years of figuring out the many obstacles, re-designs and project modifications, we launched Cyclo-Cafe in 2014.

We only had a couple short months to work with in 2014, as a 'trial' period. We are excited by all the positive feedback and encouragement we have received.

In 2015, we see many bright opportunities to serve the Parisian community, as well as a few challenges. This is the 'love story' that invigorates any entrepreneur and new business.

Cyclo-Cafe would like to attract family or friends, group get togethers, birthdays as well as company team buildings. Cyclo-Cafe aims to promote local businesses and associations.

We are now accepting 2015 reservations and would love to hear from you at

This year, we have a full spring/ summer season to work with, anything is possible. The only guarantee, you will have the most fun and unique experience you have ever had in Paris!

Cyclo-Café logo
Interested in learning more about Cyclo-Café or taking a spin around Paris? 
Check them out at www.cyclo-café.fr

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