February 26, 2015

Fragrant Fun at the Fragonard Musée du Parfum

Sundays are usually pretty quiet around Paris. Many shops and attractions are closed, and it can sometimes be a bit challenging to find things to do outside the home. When the weather is nice, public parks are a great choice, but when it’s still a bit chilly, time is better spent indoors.

Looking for something original to do this past weekend, I came across the Le musée du parfum. I was already quite pleased to have found something open on a Sunday, but was even further delighted when I realized that entrance and guided tours are free.

Le musée du parfum, Paris
Le musée du parfum, just steps away from Opéra

Located near Opéra Garnier, the museum occupies several rooms of a beautiful Napoleon III townhouse. Each room contains magnificent artifacts including intricate perfume bottles, antique production tools and vintage labels. 

Vintage perfume bottle labels at Le musée du parfum, Paris
A selection of fabulous vintage perfume labels
Fragonard celebrates jasmine in 2015
In 2015, Fragonard celebrates jasmine with a dedicated collection

Perfume organ at Le musée du parfum, Paris
An impressive perfume organ beckoning an expert nose

In just half an hour, a guide led us through the history of perfume and the Fragonard brand. We discovered the incredible quantity of flower petals it takes to create just a few ounces of essence (literally tons), learned about the training and career of a “nose” (There are only two schools in the entire world, both in France.) and even got to try our hand at identifying scents during a matching game.

Our tour concluded in the gift shop, where we gathered around a counter to sample some of their most notable fragrances. And although purchases were not obligatory, it was hard to leave empty-handed!

Le musée du parfum
9 rue Scribe
75009 Paris

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