January 29, 2015

Warm Winter Dining at Au Père Lapin

Very often, the best restaurants are not those located on a bustling city corner, but the ones carefully tucked away into unassuming alleyways, quiet streets and quirky nooks and crannies.

One of my favorite dinner spots lies just outside Paris, in the suburb of Suresnes. From the street, Au Père Lapin tends to blend in, but if you take a quick walk down their candlelit stone path, you’ll be in for a great meal.

Pathway leading to Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France

Although a bit off the beaten track, this restaurant is no secret. Word has gotten out, and reservations are usually needed. In winter, the main dining room is homey and welcoming, warmed by a fire. In summer, an outdoor terrace boasts a great view of the Eiffel Tower.

Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France
Our most recent visit with my parents gave us a wonderful taste of this season’s menu. Hearty, classic dishes were modernly revisited.

Apéritif began with purple potato chips and zesty olives. We then split an appetizer, Assiette de Jambon Ibérique Bellata, served with crusty baguette and butter. 

Apéritif at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France
Assiette de Jambon Ibérique Bellata at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France
Stylish bread basket at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France

For our main dishes, we all tried to select something different. We ended up with three diverse plates, which were beautifully presented and very filling.
  • Suprême de volaille jaune fermière, Pommes grenailles confites et sauce foie gras 
  • Tourte de lapin au foie gras, Sauce aux morilles et bouquet de mesclun 
  • Magret de canard du Lot rôti, Darphin de légumes et sauce dolce-forte 

Magret de canard at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France

Suprême de volaille at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France

We were genuinely impressed by each of the plats we tasted, and although very full, made dessert an obligation. My parents were relatively reasonable, each ordering a café gourmand. I chose Choux “maison” façon Paris-Brest, and my husband Crème brulée saveur chocolat noir.

Café gourmand at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France
Choux “maison” façon Paris-Brest at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France
Crème brulée saveur chocolat noir at Au Père Lapin, Suresnes, France

As always, the atmosphere, food and service were top notch. I look forward to seeing what's in store for their menu over the upcoming months.

Au Père Lapin
10 rue du Calvaire/186 Boulevard Washington
92150 Suresnes

Reservation advised
English menu available upon request

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