January 14, 2015

Monday Night Dinner Chez Françoise

Monday evening after the reception at the Mairie du 7e, my husband and I decided to take advantage of being out on the town. It’s quite rare that we go to a restaurant on a weeknight, so it was a nice change when we ended up at Chez Françoise.

From the outside, Chez Françoise doesn’t really look like much. It’s part of the Aérogare des Invalides, in a seemingly not-so-chic spot. But don’t be afraid to step inside, there is much much more than meets the eye.

Upon entering, we were greeted by dim lighting, an antique style bar and live piano music. Once our coats had been taken, we were led behind a curtain to the main dining room, and seated in an inviting corner booth.

We leisurely perused the simple, yet refined French menu, as we nibbled on complimentary mini quiches, fresh bread and salted butter. My husband chose the Bavette de bœuf "Angus" poêlée, a staple on the menu, whereas I selected a daily special, Filet de boeuf cuit au sautoir, sauce au foie gras.
Filet de boeuf cuit au sautoir, sauce foie gras at Chez Françoise, Paris

Both meats came cooked to perfection, and their sides equally as well prepared. My foie gras sauce was delectable, and a choice that I would highly recommend.

Although having thoroughly enjoyed our meal, and already being more than comfortably full, we still couldn’t resist ordering a few desserts. My husband went for the Vacherin aux poires du chef Philippe and I tried the Millefeuille “éffeuillé” à la vanille de Madagascar. 

Millefeuille “éffeuillé” à la vanille de Madagascar at Chez Françoise, Paris

As our indulgent selection arrived at our table, I think I blushed 100 shades of red, when I layed eyes upon the monster-sized millefeuille that was practically the size of my head. Both desserts were decadent, although unfortunately we couldn’t finish the last bites. I’ve already made a note to self for next time, to skip the bread if I want to make it til the end of the night!

Chez Françoise
Aérogare des Invalides
75007 Paris
Reservation advised

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