January 10, 2015

Authentic Foie Gras on the Île Saint-Louis

France is world renowned for its gastronomic excellence, and although not fond of escargots or cuisses de grenouille, there is one traditional French dish that I cannot get enough of: foie gras. 

Once apprehensive about this controversial delicacy, I now appreciate a rich slice for special occasions and holidays. When looking for just the right foie gras for an extraordinary meal, I head to my favorite specialist, Lafitte, on the Île Saint-Louis. 

Lafitte shop on the Ile Saint-Louis, Paris

Founded in Montaut, France in 1920, Lafitte is synonymous with quality. Ducks are sourced from local producers within a 40km radius, raised over 102 days minimum, and nourished with non-GMO products.

Lafitte Paté Landais, Paris

If you’d like to give their range a try, I suggest the Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard et de Pain d'Epices Mi-Cuit, served on a fresh baguette, with Chutney de Figues and a sweet Sauternes wine.

Île Saint-Louis
8 rue Jean du Bellay
75004 Paris


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