December 11, 2014

Paris Sparks Digital Innovation at LeWeb'14

For the past 3 days, Paris became a hub of digital creativity and innovation, as the world’s top tech players flocked to LeWeb.

Created by French entrepreneur LoÏc Le Meur, and his wife Geraldine, LeWeb is one of Europe’s most notable digital conferences, and gathers “visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media to explore today’s hottest trends and define the future of business”.

I had the opportunity to swing by yesterday. Check out some of the highlights below.

Sponsors of LeWeb'14 Paris
Sponsors on show in Pullman Dock
Google at LeWeb'14 Paris
Google sporting its trademark primary colors
Exhibitors at LeWeb'14 Paris
Exhibition and networking in Eiffel Dock
Yoga session at LeWeb'14 Paris
Group yoga led by Irene Au (Khosla Ventures) during the session "The Future of the Mind"
Lars Silberbauer Andersen at LeWeb'14 Paris
In conversation with Lars Silberbauer Andersen, Global Director of Social Media & Search at the LEGO Group

Michael Aidan and Anicet Mbida at LeWeb'14 Paris
Michael Aidan, Head of Digital and VP Digital Brand Platforms, Danone Group with journalist and M6 TV personality Anicet Mbida

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