November 3, 2014

Thanksgiving à la française

My first Thanksgiving in Paris was spent eating store-bought soup late after work. My second was a small step up with pasta. But by the time my third Thanksgiving in France rolled around, I decided I couldn’t go another year without a proper celebration.

Since Thanksgiving always falls on a workday, there isn’t much time to prepare a homemade feast. Knowing that as long as we’re in France we’ll never officially have the day off, my husband and I have started to build our own, French-adapted traditions. 

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner in one of Paris' cafés

For the past two years, we’ve headed to one of our favorite restaurants, who for this very special day, draws a big American crowd. If you, like us, don’t have time to cook at home, you can still enjoy a traditional meal out.

Several restaurants in Paris offer Thanksgiving menus, but due to the high demand, reservations need to be made well in advance. Check out a selection below and be sure to book your table early!

17, rue des Ecoles
75005  Paris

11 rue Augereau 
75007 Paris
30 Rue Pierre Lescot
75001 Paris

25 Rue Louis Blanc
75010 Paris

We’ll be enjoying dinner in one of the aforementioned cafés. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

PS For those of you who will have some time in the kitchen, you can pre-order your holiday cooking essentials from the American épicerie Thanksgiving. Read more about it here.


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