October 9, 2014

Preparing for Paris: 6 Free Printable Guides

Having done my fair share of travel, I think one of the most exciting and enriching parts about taking off to a new destination is not planning every miniscule detail beforehand, and being able to adapt your trip as you go. However, I am still a firm believer in organizing the basics, and doing sufficient research before I hit the road.

Le Marais

Once accommodation and transportation have been booked, the real fun begins. It’s the time to brush up on your local language skills and start making a list of the landmarks, restaurants, museums, shops and activities that are not to be missed. Many trips are once in a lifetime, so it’s worth it to figure out your absolute must-sees ahead of time, while still leaving room in your schedule for impromptu meet-ups, events and experiences.

Investing in a guide book is a great way to discover a city or region’s notable sites, but if there’s no room left in your budget or bag, there are plenty of free and more suitcase-friendly resources to be found.

For an upcoming trip to Paris, you can check out these six PDF guides, and just print out the pages you need.

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