September 21, 2014

Fall-ing in Love with Paris

As our summer tans start to fade away, and the leaves begin to change, it's clear that fall is slowly bestowing itself upon us.

Each year, the plesant smell of freshly fallen leaves wafts through the air, and a crisp breeze whistles through the cobbled streets. Parisians put away their cheerier clothes, and re-don their staple blacks and grays. Parents and children, the young and the old, leave their fond vacation memories behind and look forward to the new year ahead.

Bicycles and leaves in Le Marais

For many of us, autumn is a magical time which brings the excitement of getting back to our routines and preparing for the holidays to come.

Since the first hint of the change in season, visions of sugary candy corn, spicy pumpkin pie and perfectly browned turkey have been dancing around in my head. After several weeks of this mental ballet of seasonal goodies, an overwhelming urge to immerse myself in the familiar smells and tastes of home finally led me to Thanksgiving in the Marais.

An unassuming épicerie on the rue Saint Paul, the shop is small, yet thoroughly stocked with much sought-after American treats and basics: chocolate chips, oatmeal, maple syrup, Jell-O, Betty Crocker mixes...

Thanksgiving in Le Marais

Baking items at Thanksgiving in Le Marais

Having planned a special trip and prepared a shopping list just for the occasion, I was elated to find every item for my favorite sweet creations.

And now that each precious ingredient has been carefully tucked away in my pantry, I am impatiently awaiting a cozy autumnal weekend at home to get started on my baking.

Canned pumpkin, molasses, Karo and pecans

20, rue Saint Paul 
75004 Paris
Tuesday-Saturday, 10:30am-7pm
Sunday, 11am- 6pm


  1. Beautiful pictures, as always! I love reading about the city of lights in your wonderful posts. I feel as if I'm really there, being swept in the myriad stores and streets Paris has to offer. That épicerie on the rue Saint Paul looks so adorable. It's like a fantasy land for sweets. Thank you for sharing another wonderful post! Wishing everyone all the best!

    Shaun Caldwell @ ARC

    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying my posts. If ever there are certain topics that interest you, please don't hesitate to leave your suggestions for future articles.

      Happy travels!