September 25, 2014

Dressing for Paris: Fall Edition

If you’re planning a trip to France’s capital, there’s no better way to feel a little more Parisian than to dress the part. We all know that when packing for vacation, suitcase space is premium, more than ever if you’re traveling from abroad. Below is a list of my favorite style items & tips to help you maximize your valise and start looking like a local.

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1. A classic black or brown leather jacket
Fall in Paris is chilly, but enjoys some sunnier days too. Save precious room for shopping once there by leaving heavy winter coats behind and bringing one key all-weather piece.

2. Stylish, yet comfortable ankle boots
Ankle boots are versatile, and can easily take you from day to night. Leave your white or colorful sneakers at home to avoid the tell-tale tourist vibe.

3. Dressier ballet flats
Contrary to popular belief, Parisiennes don’t all run around in 6-inch Louboutins! If you want to keep up with the fast pace of the city, opt for a more practical, yet trendy shoe.

4. Basic mix-and-match pieces
With the ever-changing temperature, layering is key. Go for understated clothing in neutral colors (black, gray, beige, cream) that can easily work together, and be dressed up or down for any occasion: black cigarette pants, dark wash jeans, plain camisoles, cardigans and tees.

5. A great dress
Don’t forget to bring something special for a nice night out on the town. Keep it feminin and sexy, but steer clear of plunging necklines and thigh-high hems.

6. A selection of decorative scarves
Change any outfit up or just stay cozy and warm by throwing a few silk or cotton scarves in your bag. Minimal weight, minimal space, maximum effect.

7. A statement piece
Accessorizing is a great way to add interest to an outfit, but don’t go overboard and bring your whole jewelry case. Wear a pair of trendy Ray-Bans, try a bold fantasy necklace or add a touch of sophistication with a stunning timepiece.

8. A crossbody bag with zipper
While the Métro is great for getting around, it’s also home to many talented pickpockets. Want to stay safe, without your look screaming “tourist”? Scratch the oh-so-cliché money belt and invest in a more fashionable crossbody bag that zips closed. Plus, don't forget to throw in a bottle of hand sanitizer for when proper post-Métro hand washing isn’t an option.

9. Minimal makeup & natural hair
It’s true what they say; French women really are effortlessly beautiful. Take a page from their book and step out confidently with a fresh face. A sheer foundation, quality mascara and subtle lip color are more than enough to hit the streets. And forget about bringing your hair sprays and straightener: sporting natural, healthy hair is preferred.

10. A cute umbrella
Ask any Parisian, and they’ll tell you that it rains quite often here. Pack your own small umbrella to avoid running around town soaked, or having to buy an overpriced one on the street.

Be sure to check back later for my updated winter list!

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