September 30, 2014

Becoming a Parisian Chef... if Only for a Day

Food is one of the best ways to experience a country while visiting, but what if you could take the culinary skills home too?

Cooking courses are a popular activity for many visitors in Paris, and although now a resident, something that I had wanted to try for quite some time. This past summer, after much searching and frustration in finding only very expensive ateliers, I finally discovered the perfect option for my husband and I.

Cook&Go is a unique, budget-friendly concept that proposes great food, instruction and fun for amateur chefs. During a 1 ½ hour class, an instructor walks participants through the preparation of an appetizer, main dish and dessert using a variety of fresh ingredients. During this time, they clearly demonstrate each step and share plenty of useful tips and techniques for the kitchen. Unlike traditional cooking courses, once the preparation is finished, items are packed up in a bag and taken home to reheat and enjoy. 

Cook&Go kitchen, Paris 15

The menu we chose was unlike anything we had previously concocted, and full of interesting new flavors. Our resident chef was extremely dynamic and full of helpful information. Having followed our course in the afternoon, we were thrilled to take our meal home for a dinner date later that evening. 

Our menu: La Cuisine de Maman  (69€ for two)

Appetizer: Chicken, olive and tarragon terrine with fresh salad and a fromage blanc sauce
Main dish: Filet mignon of pork baked in a salt and coriander crust, served with a citrus and spéculoos vinaigrette
Side: Zucchini and tomato tian
Dessert: Brownie and cheesecake mix

Key benefits
Several different themed menus are offered each month.
Each class welcomes a maximum of 15 participants.
There are 4 locations in Paris to choose from.
Prices are extremely reasonable, and start from 29€ per person.
Full recipes are emailed to participants following the class.
Special courses are available for groups and children.

Things to keep in mind
All courses are conducted in French, unless otherwise noted.
Reheating at home generally requires an oven, so this is not the best option if staying in a hotel.

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